Title Bridge

Bridging the gap to title insurance
Your solution for properties with a tax sale in it's history

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Tax Certificate

  Title Bridge works with local title companies’ underwriters to provide a Tax Sale Certificate in order to provide title insurance on tax foreclosed…

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Quiet Title

In the rare case that our in house review process can not determine the availability of our Tax Certificate, our staff can assist you…

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Current Owners

If you already own a property that has been purchased through a tax sale and would like the peace of mind that comes with…

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Special Notice

Jackson County Tax Sale

The 2018 Jackson County Tax Sale will kick off on Monday, August 13 at the Eastern Jackson County sale held at the Independence Courthouse and continue Monday, August 20 at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City. 

To be eligible to bid, you must register at least 10 day before the sale.