My title company says I need a quiet title. What is a quiet title?

A quiet title is a type of lawsuit brought in court to establish legal ownership of a property. The lawsuit “quiets” (removes) any potential outstanding rights, claims, or interests in a property.

Why do I need one?

Outstanding encumbrances, such as mortgages, liens, or judgments, can prevent you from having a clear title and may prevent you from selling your property.  

Doesn’t the county clear the title during a tax sale?

The county follows their state statute, but title underwriters generally believe the notice provisions do not comply with constitutional case law.  As a result, most title insurance underwriters are unwilling to insure purchases from tax sales due to potential issues with the notice that was provided to interested parties during the tax sale process.   

How much does a quiet title cost?

The cost of a quiet title can cost around $2,500.

How long does a quiet title take?

The duration of a quiet title suit will depend on the county’s court schedule and the particular judge that the case is assigned to. It can take up to a year. Our Title Bridge Certificate can be issued in about a month.

Can I sell my property without a quiet title?

You can always sell your property, but a buyer may not want to buy it with outstanding encumbrances.

What if I don’t get a quiet title?

You may be unable to have a clear marketable title to the property or obtain title insurance. However, a Title Bridge Certificate is an alternative to a quiet title suit and may enable you to get title insurance on your property.

Is a quiet title the same as title insurance?

No.  A quiet title is a type of lawsuit and title insurance is protection from encumbrances and defects on the property.

How much is a Tax Certificate?

Our Certificate starts from just $1,395* of which is a non-refundable a deposit of $350. Below is our full rate table.

Policy Amount Tax Certificate Fee*
$1- $25,000 $1,395
$25,001-$75,000 $1,895
$75,001 – $150,000 $2,195
$150,001 and over Call for quote

Do you guarantee I can get title insurance?

Since we are not a title company or an insurance company, we cannot offer guarantees.  We work with title insurance companies to determine if a tax sale was done to their standards for marketable title. Our process has been vetted with Alliant National Insurance Title Company, a Title Insurance Underwriter, and their agents are approved to issue a title insurance policy with our certificate.

Do you guarantee my property will qualify for your Certificate?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that any particular property will qualify for a Title Bridge Certificate. However, if your property does not qualify, we will send you a detailed reason your Certificate could not be issued. We can also refer you to an attorney who can help you with a quiet title suit using the information we gathered on your property.

If I send you my title commitment/title report/deed/other document can you tell me if my property would qualify for your Certificate?

We wish we could! Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to it than that. We review a number of documents as part of our process, and a title commitment/report/etc. just doesn’t give us enough information to make a determination. We think your property deserves more time and attention than a quick peek at a title report! So, while we enjoy reviewing title documents, we can’t look at yours until you place your order.

But, how will I know if my property is a candidate for a Certificate?

Is there a tax sale in its history? Did your title company tell you to pursue a quiet title action? Do you need to clear encumbrances that attached prior to the tax sale? If you answered yes to any of these questions, your property is a candidate for a Title Bridge Certificate.

Great! How do I get started? What do I do first? What do you need from me?

It’s easy–just complete this form, and we’ll get your order processed right away. We’ll gather everything we need, and if we have any questions for you, we’ll let you know.

I placed an order. Can you give me an update?

Of course! Feel free to contact us or check your order status here.

What is the Land Bank?

New legislation established the Kansas City Land Bank in 2012. The department manages property that the county seized due to a tax sale in order to place them back on the tax rolls for productive use to improve the community.   

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