Jackson County Missouri

Tax Sale

The 2018 Jackson County Tax Sale was held August 13 at the Independence Courthouse and August 20 at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City. If you purchased a property at the tax sale, order your Title Bridge tax certificate now.

2018 Jackson County Bidder Form

For more information and for a list of properties to be sold at the tax sale click here

A brief overview

In Jackson County Missouri, if real estate taxes are delinquent for 3 year or more, it is eligible to be placed into a tax foreclosure sale.  The county can file a lawsuit for a judgement of foreclosure for the unpaid delinquent taxes.

If the lawsuit is granted, the property owner may stop the sale of the property at the tax sale by paying the taxes, penalties and associated suit cost in full anytime prior to the sale. Cash or certified funds are required, credit cards and personal checks are not accepted.  If the property owner cannot pay the full amount they may be allowed to enter in to a payment plan with Jackson County to avoid the tax sale.  A repayment contact can only be agreed upon after the judgment of foreclosure, and will normally require an upfront payment and installment payments thereafter.

Responsibilities of the Bidder

Properties sold at the Jackson County Tax Sale are sold AS IS, the county does not make any type of warranty as to the condition of the property or the property’s title  This is very important to understand.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to inspect the property and it is strongly encouraged to review the title before you purchase a property.

Common misunderstandings

  • Contrary to what some bidders believe, all of the past judgement, taxes, and liens are not wipe away in a tax foreclosure.  Also, the property could have been deemed a dangerous building scheduled for demolition.  Here is a disclosure from the Jackson County’s website.

The purchaser is responsible for any additional taxes that are owed against the property that are not included in the judgment, as well as any other taxes owed to a city or other governmental unit which may not have been made a part of the County’s records or other legal proceedings, such as mechanic’s liens and Federal liens.

  • If you are the highest bidder you will not will not receive the deed to the property on the day of sale.  The Circuit Court will hold a confirmation hearing to make sure that the proper procedures where followed according to the state statute and to make sure that no properties were sold for far below their appraised value.  If the Court deems the sale price as too low, they may ask the bidder to increase their bid to an amount of “adequate consideration for sale.”  The Deed will be recorded at a later date after the confirmation hearing.
  • No personal checks, company checks, credit cards, or lines of credit will be accepted.  Only cash or certified funds payable to the Court Administrator, so make sure you have enough on hand.

Property that are not purchased at the Tax Sale are transferred into the Land Trust or the Kansas City Land Bank

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