Tax Sales


Title Bridge works with local title companies’ underwriters to provide our Title Bridge Certificate for title insurance on tax foreclosed properties.

Until now, a property purchased at a tax sale could be labeled as “uninsurable” without a quiet title lawsuit.   A quiet title could take up to a year and cost over $2,500.  Title Bridge’s Certificate is a more cost effective and timely solution compared to these types of lawsuits.

Our in-house underwriting process will determine if a property with a tax deed in its history is eligible to obtain title insurance for future buyers with our certificate.

Our service starts from just $1,395* and could be completed within 2-3 weeks after receiving the tax sale foreclosure notices from the county.

To order, we will need a title report from an approved title company (or let us order it for you) and a deposit of $350.  The non-refundable deposit will be applied to the certificate fee at the time of issuance.


*The certificate fee is separate and does not include any title fees.

Order Now

Policy Amount Tax Certificate Fee*
$1- $25,000 $1,395
$25,001-$75,000 $1,895
$75,001 – $150,000 $2,195
$150,001 and over Call for quote